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May 22, 2012

The Neighbourhood – I’m Sorry…

(the [r]evolve group)    GO!

Today I get to introduce you to some new music. The band is called The Neighbourhood and, no, they’re not from the UK but L.A. This five piece have been busy getting out their debut EP via download on their website and touring wherever they can to get their music heard. I’m Sorry.. is comprised of five tracks that blend in smooth beats with a hip-hopesque sound, raspy jazz vocals, and catchy verses. The two singles currently out on YouTube (“Female Robbery” and “Sweater Weather”) sum up The Neighborhood’s work and it’s nowhere near disappointing, but far from being easy to pluck out of your mind.
I had the chance to check these guys out while they were on tour with The Wombats at the infamous Casbah. Aside from the sound being raw and catchy, the most comical bit was the fact that not one member is 21+ years of age. So, as the remaining acts basked in the bar’s ambiance and shared drinks with fellow fans the men from The Neighbourhood where nowhere to be found. Although, this might seem trivial for a young group there was still no negative back lash from other listeners. Our group took them in and nestled them - hoping to see them evolve as the show progressed.
I was left astonished with how well versed and eye catching these “hipsters” portrayed themselves to be. Their artwork exuded a sex appeal that suited the dark atmosphere of the venue. Even though they are in the beginning steps of their musical career I can definitely see a future for The Neighbourhood, or at least for the front man himself and that mesmerizing voice, which graces main stream stardom.  Be sure to download some free music at their website and tell us what you think.
Also, click on the link to get a glance at “Sweater Weather,” which sounds like this summer’s anthem for us Southern Californians as we illegally and inconspicuously drink our alcoholic beverages with our one night stands.
Lastly, just so you can make sure it sits well on your palate (and, yes, you hear a Bruno Mars similarity) listen to my personal favorite “Female Robbery”.  
Melissa Moreno

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