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May 25, 2012

B.I.T.S. - Chic Riding Accessories

Cindy Gellerson, the brains behind Bagstil, has just launched a new line – B.I.T.S. (short for Back In The Saddle). These chic riding accessories were inspired by a tumultuous riding accident the designer had back in January. 

Cindy, whose creative gears are always churning, turned a negative experience into a positive one by using it as a catalyst to create a luxury line of riding accessories that can easily transition into everyday use.
These handcrafted pieces embody the California lifestyle and have a unisex appeal. The debut collection consists of custom designed leather riding chaps that feature a cell phone pocket, invisible magnetic snap closure, hand stitched side trim, and laser engraved belt detail. Horses and motorcycles aside you can also incorporate them into your wardrobe for an edgy, sexy look.

Also available are belt and saddle bags, which are handcrafted out of Marlboro leather and feature solid nickel hardware. They’re great for storing your smart phone or wallet, especially if you want a little extra freedom while out on the dance floor. Obviously, Cindy was on to something here because the bags sold out immediately. Be sure to check out the current BITS collection and get your pre-orders in so you don't miss out.

Narrative by Nikki Neil Photos courtesy of B.I.T.S.


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