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Apr 9, 2012

The Duke Spirit – Bruiser

(Shangri-La Music) Go! Buy This!

The Duke Spirit has released their third full length album titled Bruiser. By having its one single available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, “Surrender,” you'll receive a sweet taste of what to expect on this 12 track album. Being an avid fan of this quintet who produce awesome indie rock I may be a tad bit biased, but it's only easier for me to convince you of something you'll never regret. Front power woman, Leila Moss, emanates the "cool" factor to the hundredth power, displays a badass aura while on stage, and her vocals aren't too far from shabby. With a voice like Allison Mossart from The Kills, undertones of Bjork, and a hard hit of something intriguing and unique you can’t tear your eyes/ears away from Moss.

Having listened to “Surrender” over and over again there’s great anticipation in me (soon you) to see them rise to the top. This isn’t your typical group who puts out one catchy indie pop song to later transition to club pop, bass drops, and screeching sirens so they can continue to sell records. No, The Duke Spirit is much more than this.

To prove it they will be visiting a few select states on the much anticipated tour with Jane’s Addiction! For over a little more than the whole month of May you’ll not only get the ever wonderful voice of Perry Farrell and company - you’ll also see what my whole fuss is about. Shortly after this San Diego will experience The Duke Spirit on June 1st at the notorious Casbah (accompanied by more California friendly visits).

You can purchase Bruiser on iTunes or Amazon now and see for yourself. If you’re still not completely convinced click on the link to check out the video for “Surrender.” Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on the upcoming San Diego and L.A. shows so we can all hold hands and bask in the magnificence of great booty shaking music. – Melissa Moreno

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