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Feb 12, 2012

Katrin The Thrill – Earth is Calling Us


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Thom Yorke (circa “OK Computer) and Bjork had a baby girl - what magnificent and talented creature would be born? Well, I have the antidote to put your crazy mind at ease…Katrin The Thrill. Katerina Panopoulou who is a Greek goddess of simplistic and dark alternative/indie rock music is releasing her first solo piece of art as an EP titled “Earth is Calling Us”. In addition to five brilliant tracks for every purchase a portion of proceeds are donated to the reforestation of burned forests in Greece.

Although there is no sign yet of tour dates in the United States Katrin The Thrill is an act that I will most definitely be keeping a constant eye on, so I can experience the hands down, best girl indie act out right now.

All you need to become obsessed it to listen to one of the two tracks out on YouTube. First of all, on Earth is Calling Us you’ll notice that this track is also the title of the EP and in the first five seconds of the video you’ll recognize the first flag of relevance to Radiohead. 15 seconds in you’ll get the taste of a younger, less pitchy Bjork. The lyrics and music being a little darker than these two big names is what help sustain her uniqueness to the music world. Take a listen here:

Secondly but, sure as hell, not the least is “If You Believe In Dreams”. The opening violin’s trill kind of gives you a hint of The Breeders, but it’s softened by a hint of Patti Smith!

What do you think? Could you see Katrin The Thrill as the next successful female based indie group? Or, should they take their womanly whining elsewhere?
Melissa Moreno

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