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Jan 11, 2012

Love L’Une

It’s good to start the New Year off with something shiny and pretty like this spectacular necklace from L’Une’s Fall 2012 “Breakable” collection.

The lovely Anh Volcek, designer extraordinaire, sent me this beautiful accessory which functions as a wearable piece of art. The necklace is made from plastic and glass. Anh learned to work with plastic while in Paris. In order to make her unique creations she adapted a technique that allows her to melt and mold the plastic into over sized sequins, bustiers, and jewelry. The plastic is then treated with different chemicals to make it hard or it’s cured to keep it flexible. Anh recently added glasswork to the line for a more shattered look. The concept is called Love L’Une because each piece is handcrafted with lots of patience and love. See how it sparkles at night under the proper lighting.
Champion table tennis player Soo Yeon Lee is wearing a Love L’Une bustier and cuff in a Red Bull commercial with Blake Griffin. To see more of the collection visit and be sure to take advantage of the sale. You can also browse the current collection in person at La Maison de Fashion Boutique, which is located at: 7471 Melrose Ave. L.A. CA. 90046

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