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Jan 27, 2012

Breton – The Blanket Rule

It’s hard to come across something that I truly feel our readers will fully enjoy. However, when the opportunity does present itself I grin from ear to ear and giggle like a schoolgirl. When I came across this five tracked EP titled The Blanket Rule from Breton—who happen to compose ultra hip electro pop/indie music (that is the best way for me to try and pin point their sound)—I knew that this would be an act that I would look forward to seeing more of and writing about.  

As I mentioned, these five tracks (which run about 3:30 a piece) are too little to get a good taste for what Breton has to offer. You get experimental sounding tunes that go from up beat tempos and upbeat moods to more relaxed and sullen tempos. The two that I will recommend are “Ordnance Survey” and “The Well”. The first offers a glimpse of the bright and cheery side of the group (and I can’t forget to mention the catchiness it’s capable of). The one thing that really makes this song is the organ in the background. When you first hear it you feel as if it might ruin the rest of the sound but it doesn’t. It helps earn the indie cred and respect for music goers. How many other groups do you hear using an organ in the background and it actually sounds gratifying to the ears?

Now, when it comes to “The Well” you’ll get a little more taste of the organ, which will again make you question the potential credentials this group might be capable of, but the mediocre, mellow toned singing that comes forth accompanied by a beat that sounds like the make-shift back drop to a basement rap battle is purely ingenious. Alright, take a listen for yourself, watch the video, and tell us what you think? Is the organ the deal breaker?
Melissa Moreno


  1. Hey Nikki, I liked the music reviews/news on your blog and would like to send a few of my artists your way to see if you enjoy them. Feel free to get in touch with me at Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey James,
      Thanks for your post. I'll shoot you an e-mail. Cheers!


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