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Oct 13, 2011

Thread Returns to L.A. Just in Time for the Holidays

The Thread Show is returning to L.A. and we are very excited for the opportunity to stock up on locally made, ethically produced trend-setting gifts. The holiday shopping event will showcase over 100 top local independent designers and artists. In addition to the numerous vendors Thread will also feature a DIY Gift Wrapping Lounge, a holiday-themed photo booth, live music, a pop-up local art gallery, a style lounge, nail bar, live screen printing, the Thread Well Lounge, giveaways, and more. A limited number of premium tickets are available, which grants you early access to the show, a cool gift bag, and a complimentary cocktail. General admission tickets are $5 if you purchase in advance (or if you bring a bag of gently used clothes to donate to a local charity) and $10 at the door. To purchase advance tickets go to The L.A. Show will take place on Nov 13th at The Cooper Design Space. Noon – 5 p.m.

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