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Sep 15, 2011

Yael Meyer – Everything Will Be Alright

(Happy Tree Music)- Go, Get This Now!

Write this date down, November 15, 2011. On this magnificent day, you’ll be able to hear what has recently tickled the inner dwellings of my, oh so, fortunate ears. I’m introducing you (and getting you psyched for) Yael Meyer and her album Everything Will Be Alright. The first track titled “Fire” is simplistic lyrically, but the music and beat behind it protrudes hints of Death Cab For Cutie and dare I say a splash of The Kills (minus the hacking and gacking). “Fire” is also set to be the first single on this album. One of the most marvelous things about Yael is how pure and natural her voice sounds behind her upbeat, indie inspired music. It honestly screams organic in the sense that this music is not stuffed with synthesizers, electro pop keyboards, over powering guitars, or Beethoven performing a symphony on crack. Everything Will Be Alright douses its listeners with soft strokes of a piano, a comforting acoustic guitar, drops of a xylophone, and minor twinges of a triangle. You get the feeling you’re watching a pleasant Old Navy commercial (I truly mean that in the best way possible). Although her music might suit the commercial industry it also works for MTV shows like Awkward, the backdrop in a fashion show for Ralph Lauren, and is the basis of a soundtrack for Chilean filmmaker Nicolas Lopez. So, set your pop-up reminders for November 15, 2011, go to, follow the instructions to purchase this album, and enjoy!
Melissa Moreno

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