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Aug 12, 2011

Social Goodies: An e-commerce site with a heart

Do you love a good bargain? How about a bargain that gives back? If you answered yes then check out Social Goodies – an e-commerce “Daily Deal” site with philanthropy in mind. Here’s how it works: Buy a deal, choose a charity, and give back 20%. Social Goodies was started as a way to raise money for good causes while bringing amazing deals from unique lifestyle brands in the fields of fashion, beauty, gifts, kids, home décor, and wellness at up to 70% off. The site, which launched in May 2011, features three well-known charities each month and even lets you nominate your favorite charity. They’ve raised $28,489 to date and hope to reach $2 million by their 2 year anniversary. If you find yourself saying, “I’m going to donate to a charity” but never get around to it. This is an easy way to fulfill that resolution. So what are you waiting for…sign up and shop!

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