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Nov 22, 2010

The Birthday Massacre at Soma November 15, 2010

The Birthday Massacre experience was somewhat like a circus. You've got the death defying trapeze artists who keep you on edge until their feet touch solid ground, which can be compared to the voice of Chibi. Her voice starts off as a hearty melody but every now and then jumps to a withstandable and girlish "cookie monster" type set of lyrics. The appearance of the entire band resembles that of an illusionist - at times gruesome and a freak of nature, your will to turn away is surpassed by the extreme curiosity. The fact that the group knows how to play their instruments very well and produce music that resembles Goth, industrial, and a little bit of pop (due to the catchiness) I'd say that the Birthday Massacre entails much, much more than what they appear.

With this show being yet another cherry popper for yours truly, I have to admit I had my doubts. But, when Rainbow (lead guitar, back-up vocals) came out looking almost exactly like Marilyn Manson my eyes and ears were hooked. As the show went on Chibi showered her unique and devoted fans with love by making heart shapes with her hands and giving an innocent, girly smile in between her "frumpy" facial expressions while singing about hell and love. As the night progressed I found myself trying not to jump up and down in unison with the band and crowd. The main Goth-goers might point them out as being too mainstream but, if you ask me, the tweakage that they've done is for the better.

I highly recommend that you give The Birthday Massacre a shot and check them out on YouTube and their website

Tell me what you think about The Birthday Massacre’s sound. Is it mainstream? Over the top? Or just right?

Narrative by Melissa Moreno

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