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Sep 15, 2010

Justin Nozuka at Belly Up Tavern, San Diego, CA.

With songs telling the stories of long lost loves, deeply wounded hearts, bleeding for the day to be reunited with a lover, a scene with blue/red lights, the illusion of stars…you'd think this could paint the back drop for a boy-band but, oh, it’s much, much more for Justin Nozuka and his comrades.

The crowd that had gathered at the historic Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, which seems to be extremely promising for his upcoming shows that will take him around the globe. A good mixture of 21and overs bobbed in unison depicting the unanimous decision in the venue - expectations for this show were surpassed far to none.
A unique, soft yet booming, scratchy yet soothing voice poured through the Belly Up’s sound system keeping you drawn in for the next melodic lyric. Guitar rhythms from reggae, hip smoldering into pelvic bones, switching to funk bass hits you can't help but feel obsessed with these men. And, I assure you that even the men were digging this feeling.

The simplicity and beach bum like presence of Justin shows that music is the only priority for this man, which is something that isn’t found too often now out on the music scene. I’m not saying that his appearance is a negative one - oh no. Just ask any female who paid their dues to see him. To sum up the experience: Justin Nozuka is a true man growing from the bottom to soon find himself living the life of complete stardom. His unique and mesmerizing voice paints pictures of every life experience one can fall victim to.

For Bite Me! Music + Fashion, Justin Nozuka was a change of pace but most graceful for the ears and something to continue to look over the horizons for. Justin, I applaud your artistic qualities and your ability to stay true to your talent. As for our readers check Justin Nozuka out at his website:  In the UK? Go to

What do you think of Justin? Too soft? Sexy Beast? Add your comments below.

Narrative by Melissa Moreno

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