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Aug 25, 2010

Whatever It Takes - Limited Edition DVF Bag

Diane von Fürstenberg has designed some of the most beautiful and iconic clothes in her career and now she has lent her design talents to the new Whatever It Takes charity bag collection by donating artwork and a personalized ‘Love is Life is Love’ message to be used on a tote bag. The Limited Edition Classic Shopper is made from cream cotton canvas and features the artwork donated by Diane von Fürstenberg. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bag is donated to the 21st Century Leaders Foundation to support key global projects, including those nominated by Diane von Fürstenberg. The bag is only £14.99. I doubt you’d find a designer item for such a low price anywhere else. Plus, you’re supporting a good cause. To purchase this piece or other celebrity designed items visit:

Whatever It Takes supports the 21st Century Leaders Foundation in its work for key global development causes including poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and the protection of children. The organization has already raised $4,000,000 from the sale of its signed celebrity designed products. For more info go to:

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