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Jul 21, 2010

Two Point Oh! LA - First Annual Picnic

Two Point Oh! LA held its first annual picnic at Griffith Park. Hosted by Kelsi Smith (founder of Two Point Oh! LA and Dedicated Follower of Fashion) the event served as a meet ‘n’ greet for L.A.’s fashion, style, and beauty bloggers. Some of those in attendance were Nicole (Her Current Obsession), Shannah (The Student Stylist), Melanie (Wrecked Stellar), Erica (Sweets and Hearts), and Mary Ann (The Contact List)

It was a scorching day in L.A. but that didn’t stop the fashionistas from looking their best. Thankfully, Joysticks were on hand to keep everyone cool. Talk about childhood nostalgia. These homemade ice cream treats are hand-dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in a topping of your choice. Yummm!!! Once consumed guests washed the creamy goodness down with Dry Soda. Dry Soda is all natural and flavored with fruit, flower, and herb extracts. They taste great by themselves or mixed with vodka.

Crossroads Trading Company was kind enough to pass out VIP membership cards. If you haven’t been to Crossroads you owe it to yourself to check out their great selection of recycled fashionable clothing.

Of course, no great outfit is complete with out a piece of fabulous jewelry to complement it, so Ruchi G. Kalra (RGK D’Zines) brought out some of her finest and put them on display.

Reef Footwear came out to promote their new “Ugandal”. They passed out bracelets, which were handmade by displaced women in Northern Uganda. The bracelets contain handcrafted beads that were made from recycled magazine paper. The Ugandal features these colorful beads, and 1% of the proceeds from the sandal's sale will go to benefit the Reef Redemption Fund.

All in all, it was a fun filled day in the park. New friends and connections were made and guests were sent home with gift bags filled with goodies from Modcloth, Forever 21, XCVI, Frosted Willow, REM Spring, Carolina Pad, Lightload Towels, and Clio Designs. Hats off to Kelsi for organizing such a great event.

Oh and if you love cute accessories then you must check out Kelsi's handmade lockets, charm necklaces, headbands, and the like. Elegent yet playful these accessories can be worn anywhere - anytime. To view and purchase go to:

Narrative by Nikki Neil, Photo courtesy of Paul R. Guinta


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