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Jun 27, 2010

Live Show Review: English Beat

English Beat @ Belly Up Tavern 6/5/10

My previously set expectations were amazingly surpassed at the English Beat, or as should be known “The Beat”, show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. First WOW factor: the crowd. With a sweet max capacity crowd compiled of late thirties to early fifties men and women who were clearly out for a night of hard drinks and nostalgia, I was quickly given a schooling on being a devoted fan at no matter what age. Second, there was not a single doubt that with front man Dave Wakeling and the crew his messages of peace, love, and whatnots, which were first set forth back in 1979, were still being transmitted and embraced. The crowd never missed a beat, never missed a lyric, and ska-danced without hesitation. Tying in the die hard fans and the dubbed “king of ska” jamming out on his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitar the show was one to experience. It’s a good thing that The Beat will be out touring for the rest of the year and have plans to release an album or two. Hey, what makes you think that after jamming for over 30 years The Beat would retire? Make sure to check their myspace page or Dave W.’s own website to find where to get a taste of the OG ska scene. Also, a great place to pick up some cougars - I’m just sayin!!

Narrative by Melissa Moreno


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