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Apr 22, 2010

The Postelles – White Night EP

(Astralwerks/Capitol) Go - Get It Now

The Postelles—a quartet from the upper west side of Manhattan—craft solid tunes that are adorned with hook-laden group harmonies. The songs that comprise the White Night EP are a retro throw-back to garage-pop 50’s style rock, and the addition of tube amplifiers add to the ambience. Not impressive until you learn that these lads are 21/22 years old. The up-tempo title track is refreshing and fun. “Sleep on the Dance Floor” breathes a sign of innocence, and “Looking Glass” is a high energy foot stomper. The disc ends with a remix of “Sleep on the Dance Floor” by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. These catchy, upbeat tunes will definitely make you anxious for their full-length debut, which is due out July 27th - NIN

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