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Apr 6, 2010

Black Robot CD review

Baddass(Rocket Science) Go Get it Now!!!

For the mid 80's die hard rocker fans in denial that the era for tight pants, extra-large bulges, over the top perms, and lipstick on men has ceased Black Robot gives you hopes of making it all come back. While the men from Los Angeles look more like HOT modern day rockers, the tracks on their self titled album, Black Robot, make those groupie days seem like they were just here. With notable similarities to legendary bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Lynard Skynard these boys replicated what rock Gods had created and blended their own tastes to produce greatness on a compact disc. The favored track off their album is numero uno "Baddass". It pours out of speakers with high intensity, gives a quick shot of cockiness, a hit of Napoleon-ego, and leaves you feeling "mother fuckin’ BADDASS". This track sits perfectly as an opener because it’s sure to keep you listening for more. Everyone knows that there is no complete record without the love ballad and the one on this album, "I'm in Love", combines the classic pick up lines used at least once by men and…voilà!...out coo's a love song. If playing this for your girl doesn't make her drool to your oh-so-charming ways she ain't worth a nickel. Although, there isn't a genius composition of meaningful or well structured lyrics their overall performance keeps you rockin’ all throughout the experience. A definite must have for the classic rock lovers.  -Melissa Moreno


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