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Jan 6, 2010

House of Love and Luck

My great aunt left us this past July just a few months shy of her 90th birthday. She lived a good life and passed away peacefully in her sleep. I enjoyed going through her boxes of jewelry, which had been collected over the years. Among her treasures were some fabulous clip on earrings, but clip on earrings aren’t always comfortable so I only took a few with hopes of being able to incorporate them into my wardrobe in other ways. As luck would have it there's a fabulous little shop in Los Angeles called House of Love and Luck that specializes in repairing and restoring vintage jewelry and also converts clip on earrings to 24K or sterling silver posts. SCORE!
House of Love and Luck is the brainchild of Ricki Miller, who has a knack for spotting fabulous vintage pieces from estate sales and markets around the world. The boutique also features re-worked vintage creations (by Nola Singer) that have been morphed from their original form into something new, unique, and stunning. At House of Love and Luck a vintage broach can find new life as a ring and clip on earrings may turn up as a set of cuff-links.

Ricki's partner Jared Meisler designed the boutique's intimate boudoir setting. It provides the perfect backdrop in which to display these lovely creations, which range in style from Victorian to Art Deco to Glam. The shop, which recently celebrated it's 1yr anniversary, has gained a celebrity fan base and many of Ricki's treasures have been featured in photo shoots, films, and various t.v. shows. With prices ranging from $30 - $300 you can also sport one of these fine creations, and with Fashion Week around the corner wouldn't it be nice to have something flashy to show off?
House of Love and Luck is located at 370 ½ La Cienega, L.A. CA. 90048.

Narrative by Nikki Neil, photos courtesy of Christin Rose

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