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Nov 26, 2009

Live Show Review: Girl in a Coma

Girl In A Coma @ Bar Pink, Oct 30, 2009
With a growing fan base (already a handful present in San Diego) the small venue of Bar Pink, located in North Park, was filled with Girl in a Coma followers. If those who were never graced with their music before were paying attention to the first 15 seconds they were slaves to the music and by the first minute they would bleed their own blood to hear the next note.
This astonishing trio—Nina Diaz (vocals and guitarist), Phani Diaz (drums), and Jenn Alva (bass/back- up vocals)—filled the venue with rockabilly, grunge, and punk rock songs that had a couple of spectators stupefied for a bit. While watching the men cheer with disbelief and frantically waving their devil horns in the air there was a slight grin on every woman’s face because they were proud of these hard rock chicas who were proving that they too were quite capable of grasping the attention by the masses. Being hypnotized with every note, word, and guitar strum that Nina produced the crowd pushed closer & closer in hopes of getting to rub this magnificent creature. The melodic drug that filled the room had everyone putting their drinks down & raising their hands to encourage the band to play harder, longer, and just a little softer all for the joy of a musical orgasm.

As their mascara began to run and their shirts became drenched with sweat they kept pushing and we the audience kept asking for more & more. One of their biggest hit songs with the crowd was the love ballad “El Monte”. The ladies who filled the frontlines sang over Nina’s voice with every “I do”. If you see Girl In A Coma listed to play in a local venue I highly suggest you devote a fragment of your time to pay your respect to these women. You'll be left as dumbfounded as was I.

Narrative and Photos by Melissa Moreno

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