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Nov 1, 2009

An Interview with Collide

Bite Me! has been longtime fans/supporters of Collide. The diverse forward thinking electronic unit—comprised of Static & kaRIN— have been creating music together for 17 years and are gearing up for the release of These Eyes Before on their Noiseplus label. However, there is more to this creative unit than meets the eye. When not working on their own music, Static lends his engineering, programming, and remixing skills to other artists (you’ll be impressed with the number of credits under his belt) and kaRIN is busy crafting new creations for her Saints & Sinners/KBD line. She makes everything from shirts (for men & women) to jewelry to belts to leather cuffs to purses to her own signature scents. To be honest, I’m amazed and grateful they had time to do this interview.

Bite Me!: I heard Collide was getting ready to put out a cover album. Is the release date still scheduled for Halloween?

kaRIN: We sure are and it sure is!! We are still recovering from the all consuming work that it takes to release a CD, especially when you are doing everything by yourselves and want to do a good job of it. This is the first second I have had for weeks.

Statik: I'm still waiting for that second. I'm looking forward to just a couple of days of rest.

BM: You held a contest to see who could guess which artist you'll be covering. Has the winner been announced yet?

kaRIN: Yes, when we were planning to do a cover CD we spent a lot of time thinking about what songs to cover. It was easy and hard to narrow it down as we both had to totally agree. Yes the winners have all been announced. (To find out who the winners were visit the band’s blog at )

BM: Did a lot of people come close or did you have to put out some hints?

kaRIN: Overall there was some great guesses and it was fun to see what other people would pick for us...there were only a very few people who got close though.

Statik: I think there were some people who got 1 song and maybe 2 other artists.

BM: Are there any details about the new album that you can share?

kaRIN: Well the cat is out of the bag now...we choose some amazing songs that in some way have really been able to strike that cord with us. Who knows why you connect with something. We can only hope that we did them justice and that other people will connect to them through us.

Statik: We both love the way the album came out. I am, however, prepared for those who will hate our versions for one reason or another. We did pick some really big songs. I'm mentally prepared as much as I can be.

BM: What do you have planned for its release? Will there be an online listening party?

kaRIN: online listening party...have not thought of that one?? Maybe we will have to consider it. As I said above we have been so crazy busy that this is the first moment we have had to breathe.

Statik: We might have a private listening party. To be honest, right now we're only about a week and a half from the release date and there are only 3 people who have heard the whole album...kaRIN, myself, and Chris, who mastered the album. None of the other people who contributed to the album have even heard any of the final mixes yet. That must be some kind of record.

BM: Aside from releasing an album how do you typically spend Halloween?

kaRIN: Halloween is my favorite day really. I love how people become what they want...all animated and my mind I think everyday should be like that, but I suppose the world that I would imagine would be odd. I love to dress up, but when it's the day you are supposed to dress up I don't want to dress up. I have the same issue with birthdays. I think my upbringing was very untraditional; therefore, my thoughts have always been very untraditional. If everyone is doing is not for me. I am super odd like that. This year we will be going to our guitar player Scott's wedding, so that will be cool. [Congrats Scott! – BiteMe! M+F]

Statik: I've always been hesitant to celebrate when everyone else is out there celebrating. I'm not about the craziness. I'd rather go out on a non event day.

BM: kaRIN, you are getting ready to launch a new website for Saints & Sinners. Can you tell us a little about it?

kaRIN: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh other extreme When I am not busy with music I am a designer. All of my life I have been obsessed with making things. Saints & Sinners is my design showcase. I am just launching my new site ( thanks to the help of Rob Heller, who has been helping with the site re-design. I make all sorts of things...cases, leather items, purses, t-shirts etc.

BM: How did the inspiration for Saints & Sinners come about?

kaRIN: Besides being creatively obsessed the motivation has always been making something that I want to have. I could not find clothes that I wanted to I had to make some. I could not find a purse that I wanted hence the need to make it. I just make what I want and hope that others may want it to.

BM: What influences your designs?

kaRIN: Things that I like. Things that I want to have. I prefer everything around me to have that handmade I like to make things or trade with others who made it. For gift giving I have always made things for people. It feels odd for me any other way.

BM: Has the state of the current economy affected your merchandise sales for both Saints & Sinners and Collide?

kaRIN: Yes definitely. I think it has affected everyone in some way. We are lucky to be able to keep things going, but it is more challenging than ever.

Statik: I think for a lot of bands, now more than ever, being able to keep doing music is just riding right on the edge. It becomes tough when you work on something for a year or more without getting paid and then just keep your fingers crossed that when it comes out people will like it and do the right thing and buy it and not steal it.

BM: Aside from music and fashion, what are some of your other artistic hobbies?

kaRIN: I love anything artistic. I love to paint, love photography...right now I am loving Photoshop because the possibilities are endless. I am hungry to learn more about everything creative. Other than that I like to spend time with our dogs or go biking with Statik.

Statik: When I'm not in the studio I like to get out and bike. It's quiet, and I find it challenging.

BM: Do you feel that music, art, & fashion influence each other? If so how?

kaRIN: Yes, for me it is all part of the expression of how you feel.

BM: Are there any other projects in the works that you are both working on together or separately?

kaRIN: For the last while we have both just been concentrating on working on this current release called These Eyes Before. It has taken up 110% of our energy so there has been little time for anything else. I am already looking forward to working on new songs. I think I will have to give Statik a moment to recover though.

Statik: Lately, there hasn't been an extra second in the day. All of my focus has been on this album for about the last year...and that's a lot of focus. Anything else that I do is just taking away energy from getting the album done. There is a balance between too much work and not enough relaxing to make the whole thing work...but that's about it - just trying to find the right balance to keep everything moving ahead.

BM: Are there any artists, musicians, or fashion designers out there that you feel our readers should know about?

Statik: Yes...this little group Collide. I still feel like no one knows who we are.

kaRIN: My personal favorite artist is a good friend X-8. His work is raw, primal, emotive, catharctic, and passionate. You can see his work here Whenever I am in need of a creative re-charge I spend some time at his studio to hang out absorb and re-charge. My favorite designer is my good friend Terri King...she is amazing....she can do absolutely anything you can imagine. You can see her work here

BM: I was checking out your webpage and came across a photo in your bio section…was there a picture of Statik with hair?

kaRIN: Yes, once upon a time when we first began music Statik had now you can see what music has done to him =).

Statik: I don't even really miss my hair. It was liberating to cut it off.

BM: You have been creating music since 1992. Did you ever think you'd still be doing this 17 years later?

kaRIN: No. I really didn't think I would be doing it back then. It was really just one of those... follow your passion things. I just did what I loved and was lucky to find someone with the same sort of passion as me. Although creating music on the level to release decent CDs is a fully consuming endeavor. I would not have it any other way.

Statik: I don't think I thought that far ahead. It's really hard to think about too many years or albums in the future. As long as I keep being inspired by making music and people still like it we'll keep making it. Financially, it's harder than ever now though. You think it would be easier but it just seems to get harder every year, so I'm not sure what to make of that.

BM: Will there be a 20th anniversary tour?

kaRIN: You never know what will happen.

Statik: That would be cool. It's a good idea.

BM: Anything else that you would like to add?

kaRIN: Thanks...we love you

Statik: Um, I feel dizzy.

Be sure to order your copy of These Eyes Before at If you hurry you can be one of the lucky few to own the limited edition vinyl version. If you live in the Los Angeles area be sure to stop by one of these locations and pick up some of kaRIN’s fabulous creations.


Carlsbad Street Faire
Grand & Carlsbad Blvd
Space 906.5


Downtown Burbank Arts Festival
San Fernando & Orange Grove
Space 91

Harvest Festival Pomona
Space info TBA (e-mail for more info or to be added to the e-mail list).

Woodland Hills Art and Craft Faire
Space TBA (e-mail for more info or to be added to the e-mail list)

- Interview by Nikki Neil, photos by Dave Keffer

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