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Sep 29, 2009

Band Profile: The Crashing Marbles

Considering myself to be a strong advocate of music, I’ve come across several bands, artists… whatever your label of choice is, that seem to portray what’s already out in the mainstream consisting of prepubescent men who wear their younger sister's clothing and make up to try and make an image for themselves. Not for these guys. The Crashing Marbles aren’t slackers performing half-assed music in hopes of taking the easy way to become a played out band, but for the opportunity to get you to say “Who is that? Why do I still have that song stuck in my head!”

They reciprocate their appreciation for their handpicked listeners by genuinely welcoming you into their lair aka, “a friends garage,” and share a slice of upbeat slammed music that forbid your feet from staying on the ground. I was lucky enough to be one of these friends only to discover a hidden gem in Mira Mesa.

The Crashing Marbles are Evert, the ringleader of the group who sings and wails accompanied by his guitar. Caco, the lead guitarist and the yang to Tony the drummer who’s highly versatile skills keep you moving your hips side to side and, finally, James who tries to hide his hip shaking but maintains the balance to the band with his bass. When put together they produce a sound like that of AC/DC, but in the modern age accompanied with hints of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Cursive, and even a little Motown. How could this not come out with a dance-your-ass-off product? While watching Evert jump from literally two feet of space to Caco to Tony to James, I couldn’t help but want to jump up with him. They exert an energy to their fans that keep you wanting to come back for more. Evert’s voice isn’t easily reproduced, having come from Venezuela, he adds a different tone for the rock group, which is the cherry on the one-of-a-kind banana split. Their latest projects have included molding the new addition (Tony), a music video for "Shy", opening for Warner Drive & After Midnight Project at the 710 Beach Club for San Diego’s 91X concert series—which could lead to a potential mini-tour with Warner Drive—jamming out in local venues, and their soon to be debut album.

I challenge you to try and strap yourself down to a chair created by the mere figment of your imagination and forbid yourself from becoming overwhelmed with the talent these guys emanate from their instruments. If you find yourself succeeding it’ll probably be right before Evert either A) slams into you or B) shrieks with sheer rock enjoyment, which will jolt you into reality. The Crashing Marbles are definitely a band you have to get to know and appreciate; no regrets.  -Melissa Moreno

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