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Nov 13, 2009

Junker Designs Fashion Installation

Velvet Grip Family Tattoo Studio kicked off it's month-long art exhibit with a fashion installation by Junker Designs. Tod Waters and Giuliana Mayo are the creative force behind Junker Designs edgy, distressed rocker-chic pieces, which are favored by the likes of Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Steven Tyler, Dave Navarro, and Marilyn Manson.

Tod and Giuliana are very DIY in their approach – creating everything by hand out of their studio in Downtown L.A. A majority of their creations are made from recycled materials or pieces from clothing that Tod finds at local thrift stores and incorporates into their designs (such as a vintage patch). All their leather pieces are made from quality leather. Giuliana showed us a fabulous leather vest in which she had hand-sewn freshwater pearls throughout.

The models, decked out in Junker's latest, fit in perfectly with those in attendance. One model had on a white feather headband, a black studded denim vest, white jeans, and a studded leather belt that is on my must have list. Another was wearing a red leather bustier with a fur collar, a chain mail gladiator skirt, and a grey suede belt that sported a big bird medallion inspired by Tod’s love of German war memorabilia. Also on display was a red skirt that featured Junker’s logo on the booty and a long gothic inspired multi-color dress. We loved the Junker collection and would have rocked a number of pieces back in our club days. I'm sure we will find a way to incorporate a few pieces into our wardrobe. (

The event itself felt more like a gathering of friends and family, as opposed to an art exhibit attended by random people. Much like the indie L.A. music scene back in the day everyone in the fashion/art community seem to be very supportive of each other, and Velvet Grip owner Todd Sorensen is one of those individuals. From Oct 22 to Nov 18th Velvet Grip will host an in-house art exhibit featuring pieces by local artist including Todd's own designs in additions to works by AXIS, Joby Cummings, Konstantin, Kilby Rodell, Mike Nite, Mike Bowman, and a skateboard installation by Sector 9 pro-skater Dave Hatton. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the artwork will go to benefit local charity Art Share LA. (

Velvet Grip Family Tattoo Studio is located at 7213 ½ Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA. 90046

Narrative: Nikki Neil  

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